New System Builds

No matter what your looking for we can help with a basic machine from as little as £299 or high end gaming with water cooling system so why not let us give a quote and possibly build a machine to suit your needs.

System Upgrades

We have sourced some of the best suppliers in the UK and have next working day delivery on most items meaning we do not need to hold stock and pass the saving on to you.

Virus / Malware Removal

Viruses on Windows are incredibly common, and even if you do all the right things you can end up with something nasty on your PC or laptop with out you even noticing some common signs will include things like you PC/Laptop being slower to load, weird pop-ups, your contacts getting random emails from your account, unable to access documents, in fact no-one knows your PC/laptop quite like you and if things change even slightly get it checked !.


Data backup / retrieval and migration

We can backup you files and move them if your buying replacement computer (even if not from us), we can also retrieve data from failed or faulty machines sometimes even from formatted hard drives, We have setup many cloud storage systems for companies who need the added security of having 2/3 tier backup of files (the old adage safety in numbers with data is true).

SSD Upgrades

SSD drives are fully electronics and have 3 main advantages with are SPEED, LESS HEAT, RELIABILITY . To be honest I recon these type of drives are the biggest improvement since getting rid of floppy discs

System cleanup service

A good service is like a MOT for the your computer we check for unwanted software , clean the registry of old entries (this on its own speeds windows up) do software and windows updates and sure no malware or viruses are on your machine .